Treegate's Raiders (The Treegate Series) by Leonard Wibberley

Treegate's Raiders (The Treegate Series)

Book Title: Treegate's Raiders (The Treegate Series)

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN: 1973590689

Author: Leonard Wibberley

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Leonard Wibberley with Treegate's Raiders (The Treegate Series)

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*** A William Allen White Children's Book Award Nominee ***

Peter Treegate has never been stronger, braver, or better with a knife--but he still has to learn humility if he's going to save himself from the hangman's noose...

The fourth book in the Treegate Series follows Peter Treegate and the sea captain Peace of God Manly through the final years of the Revolutionary War as Peter--now a grown man--leads a band of Carolina mountain men though a series brutal engagements fought in the southern colonies from 1780 to the final surrender of the British at Yorktown in August 1781.

Treegate's Raiders is the fourth book in a seven-book series, which makes a great companion to study the Revolutionary War era.

Recommended by the Seton Home Study Grade 8.

Book 1: John Treegate's Musket
Book 2: Peter Treegate's War
Book 3: Sea Captain from Salem
Book 4: Treegate's Raiders
Book 5: Leopard's Prey
Book 6: Red Pawns
Book 7: The Last Battle

Each book in the series is complete to itself and can be enjoyed if read in any order. However, for greatest reading pleasure, it's recommended that the books be read in sequence.